Examples of questions that may be seen on the board exam.

Which of the following are true facts concerning the P-53 gene.

A) It is also called the tumor suppressor gene

B) It is considered senolytic agent

C) It can allow cell division after repairing minor DNA damage It can flag cells for destruction

D) It can regulate autophagy

  1. Only A and C are correct
  2. Only A and B are correct.
  3. Only A and B and C are correct. Only E is correct

They are all correct


All of the following cytokines are considered inflammatory except which

  1. IGF-1
  2. IL-1
  3. IL-6
  4. TNF



What cell is considered to be the center of the “immune solar system”?

  1. Macrophage
  2. Neutrophil 
  3. Mast cell 
  4. Basophil


Concerning PRP which statement is false?

  1. Growth factors are found in the Alpha Granules
  2. Adhesion molecules are found in the dense granules
  3. Chemokines are found in the Alpha granules
  4. Serotonin is found in the dense granules


  1. Most allogenic cells including Umbilical Cord Blood are considered to be immune privileged. FALSE


  1. When aspirating bone marrow which area is considered to be the richest area of stem cells?
  2. The proximal tibia
  3. Greater trochanter and the Hip area
  4. Anterior Iliac spine
  5. Posterior Iliac Crest


Common functions of Exosomes are:

  1. Intercellular communication 
  2. Transmission of macromolecules 
  3. Disease proliferation
  4. 1. and 2. only
  5. 5 All of the above