Dr Mercado graduated in Medicine and Surgery at Metropolitan University, Colombia in 8-1988

Organizational Memberships, Medical Affiliations, and Board Certifications
American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery
American Academy of Liposuction Surgery
Graduate from The Aesthetic Ageless Institute
Stem Cell Fellowship through the American Academy of Anti Aging
Age Management Certification by Cenegenics

Awards and Recognition’s
Recognized as one of the Best Doctors of America 2015
Best Doctor in Central Florida ” Orlando Magazine 2010, 2011
Pioneer of Bioplasty technique for Fillers and Fat Transfers
Pioneer of EternaMD Stem Cell procedures in both Cosmetic and Orthopedic procedures
Inventor and Creator of the “Erectus Shot Procedure” for Erectile Dysfunction using stem cells derived from adipose tissue
Inventor of the V- Shot for Female Sexual Dysfunction using stemcell derived from Autologous Adipose Tissue
Inventor and Creator of the “Colombian Butt Lift” using Fat Transfer
Chief Resident at Jamaica Hospital, Queens, New York
Creator of “Dr Beauty TV Show” for Telemundo Spanish Channel: The first and only Educational show in Cosmetic Surgery for the Spanish Audience in the USA

PUBLICATION BY DR CARLOS MERCADO Relevant to Regenerative Medicine and ED
Review Article: Adipose-derived adult stem cells and New Technique for Intracavernosal Injection for erectile dysfunction: Novel Approach to treat DIABETES MELLITUS: Erectus Shot Technique

Integrative Molecular Medicine- ISSN 2056-6360
Integrative Molecular Medicine Integr Mol Med, 2016 doi: 10.15761/IMM.1000206 Volume 3(2): 564-575
Published: March 11-2016
Author: Carlos Mercado, MD
Address: 1307 S. International Pkway, Suite 2091, Lake Mary Fl 32746

Dr Mercado’s Medical Philosophy and Procedural Guidelines
– No General Anesthesia for improved recovery
– Minimal Downtime Procedures
– Outpatient Procedures
– Non Surgical / Avoidance of cutting
– Avoidance of Needles on the Face
– Bioplasty Technique using Microcanule Technique
– Regenerative Techniques
– Liposculpture only one per day to ensure the best patient outcomes