6 year Medical Degree (Doctor of Medicine) LSMU, UA.
Specialization in general surgery in LSMU, Faculty of post-graduate education, Department of
Sub-specialization in surgical endoscopy completed in DSMU, UA.
Post-graduate Edu course in plastic and aesthetic surgery, Odessa Medical University, “Virtus”
Plastic Surgery Center.
PhD in Surgery completed in Institute of emergency and reconstructive surgery, Academy of
Medical Sciences of Ukraine.
Good clinical practices. National Institute of drug abuse, National Institute of health, USA.
Postdoctoral course in regenerative medicine, University of Utrecht summer school, Netherlands.

Professional Experience
2001-2003 Surgical resident in Department of surgery, UA.
2003-2006 General surgeon in Department of surgery, Lugansk, UA.

2006-2007 Department of General surgery, Medical Faculty, LSMU, UA.
2007-2009 Associate Professor in Department of general surgery, LSMU, UA.
2007-2009 Deputy Dean, International Medical Faculty (Faculty of Foreign Students, LSMU).
2010 – 2016 Department of general surgery, Hospital Queen Elizabeth, Malaysia.
Since 2013 until February 2016 – in unit of hepato-pancreato-biliary surgery, Hospital Queen
Elizabeth, Malaysia.
2015-2016 Visiting doctor at Department of surgery, Gleneagles specialist hospital.

Professional Expertise & Memberships
Expert in emergency and elective general surgery, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. Special
interest and experience in surgery of liver, bile ducts, pancreas (liver resections, Whipple’s
procedure, pancreatectomy, biliary reconstruction).
Diagnostic and therapeutic upper and lower endoscopy, including ERCP, laparoscopy, minimally
invasive laparoscopic surgery (including procedures on biliary system, pancreas and liver).
Lecturing and conducting clinical trainings for medical students and resident doctors. Possess a
broad experience in training International medical students and medical practitioners overall from
54 countries.
Trainer at“Surgical skills” workshops and endoscopic workshops.
Scientific and research work in medicine and healthcare, resulting in composing and writing of
publications, articles, presentations and books.
Scientific research and clinical applications of Stem cells, cell therapy in regenerative medicine.
Development of therapeutic paradigms, regenerative medicine protocols, set up and clinical
managing of the hospitals and centers of regenerative medicine, staff training and SOP
Speaker and presenter in multiple scientific and medical healthcare meetings, international
conferences and congresses.
Participant in international ozone therapy workshop, 2016, Germany.
Member of the editorial board of Journal of allergy and immunology.

Member of the editorial board of journal of infectious diseases diagnosis and therapy.
Advanced course on facial aesthetics, AMWC, Colombia, 2016.
Board member of international association for cell therapy (IACT), Switzerland.
Board member of the international association of stem cell transplantation (IASCT).
International member at World society of interdisciplinary aesthetic and anti-aging medicine.

Speaker at the recent events:
1. International endoscopy workshop, University Malaya, KL, Malaysia – 2011
2. Sabah state clinical conference – 2011.
3. Annual congress of royal Australasian college of surgeons – 2012.
4. Asian Pacific digestive week. World congress of gastroenterology. September 21 – 24, 2013.
5. 26th meeting of Japanese society of hepato-biliary-pancreatic surgery – 2014.
6. Biennial Asia-Pacific HPB association congress – 2015.
7. Presentation on anti-aging medicine, biological medicine and cell therapy in scientific symposium,
April 2016, Hong Kong.
8. 7th 5 Continent Congress of lasers and aesthetic medicine. 31st August-3rd September 2016,
Barcelona, Spain.
9. Recent updates on anti-aging and aesthetic medicine. 9th September, Manila.
10. Aesthetic and anti-aging medicine World congress, 3-6 November, 2016, Medellin, Colombia.
11. “Reversing time with latest biological, preventive & anti-aging medicine”, scientific forum, 19th
December 2016, Jakarta, Indonesia.
12. 15th aesthetic and anti-aging medicine world congress, 2017, Monte Carlo, Monaco.
13. 12th annual conference of nephrology & urology, July 2017, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
14. ASEAN conference on healthy aging, October 2017, Kuching, Malaysia.

15. Arab health congress, 2018, Dubai, UAE.
16. 16th aesthetic and anti-aging medicine world congress, 2018, Monte Carlo, Monaco.
17. 2nd World congress of anti-aging medicine, 2018, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
18. Bioregenesis conference, May 2018, Carlsbad, California, USA.
19. 9
th 5CC Congress of aesthetic medicine, 30th August – 3

rd September, 2018, Barcelona, Spain.

Some of the recent publications:
Surgical treatment of perforated pyloro-duodenal ulcers. – Lugansk, 2008. – 104 p. ISBN 978-966-
General Surgery. Brief manual & guidance , Lugansk,2008. – 169 p. ISBN 978-966-492-027-5.
General Surgery. Brief manual & guidance,2

nd edition, revised and updated, LSMU, 2010.- 220 p.

European wellness – the evidenced rationale behind the biological medicine: ad astra per aspera. J
Pharm Biomed Sci 2017;07(2):19–22.
ERCP and endoscopic papillotomy in a patient with dual chamber cardiac pacemaker. ANZ Journal
of Surgery © 2012 Royal Australasian College of Surgeons; 2012; 82 (Suppl. 1)
Mitochondrial specific peptides in anti-aging and therapeutic rejuvenation: an innovative fusion of
mitochondrial medicine and cellular therapy. Aesthet Dermatol Surgery. 2016; 0(1); 35-36.

Application of cell extracts from skin, placenta, mesenchyme with collagen and elastin in aesthetic
dermatology and skin revitalization: evaluation of outcomes in cohort study. Am J Adv Drug Deliv.;
2016; 4(5); 69-77.
Biohormonal therapy in early management of premature menopause and andropause. International
Journal of current medical and pharmaceutical research, Vol. 3, Issue, 1, pp.1278-1281, January, 2017
Efficacy of renal precursor stem cells in management of chronic kidney disease: a cohort study.
Journal of Scientific Research and Studies Vol. 3(6), pp. 119-125, June, 2016.
Management of metastatic colorectal carcinoma with GcMAF Forte and thymus peptides. J Clin Cell
Immunol 7: 449. doi:10.4172/2155-9899.1000449.
Placental therapy: An insight to their biological and therapeutic properties. Journal of Medicine and
Therapeutics. Journal of Medicine and Therapeutics , Volume 1; doi:10.15761/jmt.1000118
Pathogenetically based integrative therapeutic strategies in management of autism spectrum
disorders/ Journal of Stem Cell Research and Medicine, Volume 2; doi:10.15761/jscrm.1000122.
Active specific immunotherapy (ASI) and Gcmaf Forte in management of metastatic invasive
carcinoma – overview of the therapeutic modalities and a case report. J Clin Exp Immunol, 2018, 3
(2). 2-4.

Recent books:
“A comprehensive guide to biological medicine and wellness” 2018
“Stem cells in regenerative medicine”to be released in 2019

Medical Membership & Accreditation:

• Student exhibited deep knowledge and skills in surgery; awarded by the committee of All-
Ukrainian students’ Olympiad (2nd round) in surgery 1998/1999.

• First Prize Winner of State contest of young scientist’s research; awarded by Lugansk State
council, Year 2006.
• Clinical Privileging for core procedural skills, Hospital Queen Elizabeth, KKM – renewed and
extended in 2015 (including ERCP, laparoscopic procedures, pancreatectomy, etc.).
• Grant Winner from Japanese society of hepato-biliary-pancreatic surgery (2014).
• Clinical Attachment in Malaysian National center of HPB surgery and liver transplant, Hospital
Selayang, Kuala Lumpur, 2014.

• Member of the International society of interdisciplinary anti-aging medicine.
• Certified doctor for ozone therapy in general medicine, cancer treatment and aesthetics,
• Member of the editorial board of Journal of allergy and immunology.
• Advanced course on facial aesthetics, AMWC, Colombia, 2016.

Personal hobbies and interests
Martial arts – Black belt 3rd Dan in Karate
SCUBA diving

Portfolio summary
I am a Medical Doctor with post-graduate specialization in General Surgery, minimally-invasive
surgery and surgical endoscopy. PhD degree in surgery completed in the Institute of emergency and
reconstructive surgery (Academy of Medical Sciences, UA). Upon completion of PhD degree I joined

the department of surgery as associate professor. Special interest in aesthetic, regenerative, anti-
aging medicine, stem cell research and cell Therapy. Speaker at multiple medical conferences and

congresses, seminars and professional trainings for doctors. In 2013-2014 – a grant winner from the
Japanese society of hepato-biliary-pancreatic surgery and was invited as a speaker to the annual
congress of HPB surgeons in Japan. In 2016 I underwent training and certification in ozone therapy in
general medicine, cancer treatment and aesthetics (Germany); advanced course of facial aesthetic
rejuvenation (AMWC, Colombia). I hold a Certificate of Good Clinical Practice awarded by American

National Institute of health (USA). I am a member of the International society of interdisciplinary anti-
aging medicine; board member of International association of cell therapy (Switzerland) and

International society of stem cell transplantation, and a member of the editorial board of Journal of
allergy and immunology. I am the author of 4 books and more than 60 articles. Two of the books are
medical textbooks, one of them was published in 2 editions. At present I have entirely dedicated my
professional career to scientific research on Stem cells, develop new therapeutic paradigms for
integrative, regenerative and biological medicine and advocating wellness and healthy life-style. I
am a Head of the medical advisory board of Stellar Biomolecular Research (Germany) and a Chief
International medical director of European Wellness International group.