John R. Roland, MD. graduated from The University of Colorado with a degree in Biochemistry. He received his Medical degree at the University of Texas at San Antonio where he pursued interest in Neuroscience and Neurosurgery. Dr. Roland continued his post-graduate work at Duke FAHEC where he was board certified in Family Medicine. His administrative success led him to numerous medical directorships at several hospitals in Texas including serving as Dallas Area Medical Director of Texas Health ER.

Dr. Roland is a certified Stem Cell practitioner training in Functional Medicine.

Despite success in a number of medical specialties, Dr. Roland’s curiosity and quest for the causes of various diseases lead him to further study in both Stem Cell and Functional Medicine. He recognized patterns of disease and lifestyle, along with connections between physical conditions, behavioral habits, chronic medical issues and psychological challenges that were not being effectively addressed.

Dr. Roland’s research, training and clinical practice have lead him to believe that proper nutrition, exercise, sleep recovery and general stress-reducing efforts can help individual cells recover and rebuild. This recovery process, through a complex, but holistic, approach, can include therapies addressing the important roles of stem cells throughout the human body.