Membership in the Society is a privilege and is contingent upon compliance with the By-Laws of the Society and the maintenance of high moral and professional character.


Regular Members of the Academy shall be doctorate level health care professionals: MD, DO, DPM, Ph.D., DDS, or equivalent.  If a clinician, eligibility for Regular Membership requires that the individual’s license allows him/her to practice cell-based therapies in all fifty states.

This category will include those Associates waived by the Board of Directors as exceptional cases.


Associate Members of the Academy shall have specialized technical or research backgrounds, but do not possess the academic background for Regular Membership.  Associate Members are not entitled to vote or hold office.


In-training Members shall be doctorate level health care professionals: MD, DO, DPM, Ph.D., DDS, or equivalent, in a formal post-graduate training program (internship, residency, fellowship, or post-graduate doctoral trainee).


Student Members must be a full-time student enrolled in undergraduate or graduate programs in a related field of medicine or science.  A letter from the Registrar must be submitted confirming full-time enrollment and the program the student is currently enrolled in.

The student membership category includes gap-year pre-healthcare professionals (pre-PA, pre-DO/MD).  Attachment of undergraduate diploma plus a copy of the essay required for medical school and if applicable, a letter from your current employer should accompany the application.

Personal Information

Medical / Graduate School

Post Graduate Education - 1

Post Graduate Education - 2

Board Certification

Practice Restrictions
YesNoNot Applicable
YesNoNot Applicable
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By submitting this application for AASCP membership, I affirm that the information submitted in the application is true, accurate and complete. I agree to comply with the AASCP Bylaws and Code of Ethics.