If you are a member join us every Wednesday at 7:30PM EST for lectures from the masters of regenerative medicine and stem cell therapies. We are open to M.D.s, D.O.s, D.C.s, N.D.s, D.P.M.s, D.V.M.s, D.D.S.s, and D.M.D.s

The organization meets every Wednesday at 7:30PM EST and details case studies, lectures from prestigious physicians, and discussions on the latest growth of stem cell therapy regulations.

AAOSCP Board Meeting Wed. 7:30pm Agenda
I. Call to Order, Welcome and Introductions

II. Approval of Minutes  

III. Lobbyist report: new development in regulations.

IV. Case presentation (open forum)

V. Exam review with Dr Purita                 
VI. Upcoming meetings:
1. Nov 1-3 scientific scientific Congress
2. Regarding other workshops
A. Speakers and workshop teachers.
B. Exhibitors
I. Handing out literature at other meetings

M. Web Site

VII. Future Business

VIII. Adjourn